1950 Soniat Street

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St. Vincent Cemetery (Uptown) was established in 1859. It contains mostly tombs and copings. There is a row of tombs leading to a staircase with a very malnourished Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. This staircase is flanked by 2 wall vaults. There are a few memorials in this cemetery. One is for the Sisters of Charity. It is a large coping style grave with rows of markers for the sisters. There is a large Mary statue in the center. There is also the same style grave memorial for the Reverends of Saint Vincent De Paul dating back to the 1800's. It is called the Congregation of the Mission Memorial.

St. Vincent No. 2 is across the street and contains mostly copings with just a few tombs. It also has a small mausoleum. There is a memorial dedicated to the "Unborn Child." Upon entering there is the St. Elizabeth (Mother of St. John the Baptist) Memorial Wall Vault. It was erected in 1988.