1725 St. Roch Avenue

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Located at St. Roch and Derbigny Streets, the small gothic chapel was the first thing constructed on the site. It was built in 1868 by Fr. Peter Leonard Thevis, assistant pastor of Holy Trinity Church on St. Ferdinand St. in Faubourg Marigny. The city was threatened by an outbreak of yellow fever that year, so Fr. Thevis prayed for St. Roch, a French ascetic and healer who died in 1327, to intercede for his parishoners. Legend has it that nobody from Holy Trinity died in that outbreak. To show his thanks, Fr. Thevis built the chapel. The painted wood altar in the chapel features a statue of St. Roch and his dog. Over the years, many people have left behind crutches, artificial limbs, etc., as they've experienced miraculous healings and no longer have need for those devices.

Additional property was acquired and a cemetery built around the chapel, which was formally opened and dedicated to St. Roch in 1874. The cemetery was modeled after the "Campo Santo dei Tedeschi" in the Vatican (hence the words "Campo Santo" on the gate).

A further expansion of the cemetery opened in 1895. A chapel dedicated to St. Michael was built in the second section. Over the years, a number of modern mausoleums have been added to the property to increase capacity.

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