3421 Esplanade Avenue

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Established in 1854, St. Louis No. 3 is located a few miles from it's counterparts on Esplanade Avenue near Bayou St. John. It is built on an old leper colony. Governor Galvez exiled the city's lepers to this location. It was known as "Leper's Land." However, after the huge yellow fever outbreak of 1853, the city was in need of another cemetery. It was first known as Bayou Cemetery.

This cemetery is in great condition compared to St. Louis #1 and #2, mostly because of it's waiting list of people desiring plots here. There is a constant flow of bodies coming to the cemetery, both alive and dead.

There are many society tombs, such as the famous Byzantine style tomb of the Hellenic Orthodox community, the Dante Lodge of Masons, the Young Men's Benevolent Association, and the United Slavonian Benevolent Association. There are many more italian names here than in the older cemeteries.