635 City Park Avenue

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Established in 1879, it was a cemetery for the bodies of the indigent. The land at that time was superior to other cemeteries because the bodies could be carried around the city rather than through it. This method was preferred because of the yellow fever epidemic. Holt Cemetery is one of the only New Orleans cemeteries that is 99% in-ground burials- possibly the only one in New Orleans. In 1879, Locust Grove Nos. 1 and 2 closed, and to replace them the City opened the Holt Cemetery on lower City Park Ave., at the intersection of St. Louis St. and New Metairie Road. Holt was enlarged in 1909. Most of the graves are coping style, with only one tomb in the whole cemetery. It is a very personal cemetery. Most of the markers are hand built and hand written. There are many personal items here such as dolls, teddy bears and graves designed in flowers. The landscape is covered in oak trees drenched in spanish moss. Most would call this cemetery unkempt and deplorable, but with a walk-through, one would notice how personal and loving it is.