Boyd Street at Ivory on the Westbank

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This cemetery is very hard to get information on. It is located in a residential area on the West Bank close to the river. Not many people ever mention this cemetery when discussing the cemeteries of New Orleans. In fact, when trying to locate this cemetery, the people in the neighborhood didn't even know it existed and did not know where it was. It resembles St. Mark the Baptist cemetery (also on the West Bank) in that there are very few tombs (only 3) and there are many copings or hand written markers. It definitely appears to be a cemetery for the poor. It is very unkept. Most of the graves are overgrown with weeds and vines. There are many forgotten graves. However, some graves appear to be very loved, decorated with flowers and religious items.

It is hard to say how old this cemetery is. It looks over a hundred years, however, the oldest headstone I saw was from 1979. In fact, most of the graves are from the 1990's. It is hard to believe that this is one of the youngest cemeteries in New Orleans, considering it's condition.