Nunez at Lamarque Street on the Westbank

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It is maintained by the Church of the Holy Name of Mary (parish founded in 1848, church built in 1929). It is directly across the street from St. Mary Cemetery who is also maintained by the Church of the Holy Name of Mary. This cemetery dates back to the 1800's and has many old tombs and copings. There is a giant crucifix in the center of the cemetery depicting a very forlorn Jesus Christ dripping in blood. The cemetery is a small one, covering one city block. Despite it's small size, it has much character. The front of the cemetery has very old tombs in different styles such as barrel vault, pitched roof and platform, which are the typical styles found in most old New Orlean's cemteries. The most unique tomb is the Lauricella family tomb. It is a large brick structure with iron vines surrounding it and creating a cross above the tomb. This cemetery can be considered a symbol of change with two periods of time colliding together as one. When looking from the front to back, there are 200 year old tombs, and in the backgound is the massive structure of the modern world; the Mississippi River Bridge.