4400 Elysian Fields

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This cemetery is located in part of the square bounded by Elysian Fields Avenue, Stephen Girard, Frenchmen and Lombard Streets. It is an Orthodox congregation founded in 1896 by Russian and Polish Jews who followed the Sephardic ritual. As all Jewish cemeteries are, this cemetery is completely in-ground. Jewish law and tradition is to be buried in the ground. Early in Genesis, Abraham buries Sarah. The other patriarchs and matriarchs are also buried. The words in Deuteronomy 21:23 are "You shall surely bury him". So the Jewish cemeteries in New Orleans do not follow the typical above-ground tomb style. Most of the graves are coping style. There are many headstones with the inscriptions written in Hebrew. There are also small plaques on the headstones indicating Holocaust survivors.